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Processing and tracking payments are fundamental to Blixo’s operations. We’ve made it seamless for you to monitor payments received through Blixo, as well as those received externally, such as checks.

Online Payments

Customers can effortlessly settle invoices via your Blixo customer portal. They simply have to click the “Pay Now” button on an invoice. Payments made online are automatically recorded in the system, eliminating any need for manual entry. Our supported online payment methods include ACH, direct debits, and credit/debit cards.

Cash Receipts

Cash receipts are designed to capture transactions processed outside of Blixo, such as wire transfers. Regardless of the type of payment method used, you can conveniently track all cash receipts within Blixo.

Credit Balances

Blixo also offers a feature for customers to pay using their credit balances. This balance maintains a record of any credits that the customer has accrued over time.

Cash Application Tool

We provide a unique feature, the Cash Application Tool, which helps you apply received payments to outstanding customer invoices. This tool handles cash receipts from various sources, including ACH credits, checks, and wire transfers.

You can find this feature under SettingsCash Application

There you can connect bank accounts to synchronize with Blixo and set up Rules called Matching Rules to automatically match payments that match the Matching Rules to the appropriate invoices.

To learn more about this feature, please refer to our Cash Application documentation.

Setting Up a Payment Gateway

  1. Navigate to SettingsPaymentsPayment Gateways on your Blixo dashboard.
  2. Click Set Up on the top right.
  3. Select your payment gateway or processor from the dropdown (e.g., Stripe, Braintree, etc.).
  4. Click Save to update your payment instructions.

Note: Most account tiers only support Stripe as Blixo is a Stripe Partner and Stripe is Blixo’s preferred payment processor. If you need to add a payment gateway that’s not listed in the dropdown to your Blixo account then please contact Blixo support or sales to enable your preferred payment gateway.

Setting Up Payment Instructions

Blixo simplifies your payment application process by displaying your tailored payment instructions on invoices, thus, enabling your customers to make payments via check or wire transfer. You can easily monitor payments made outside of Blixo and conveniently apply them to your outstanding invoices.

  1. Navigate to SettingsPayments on your Blixo dashboard.
  2. Enable the toggle for your preferred payment method(s) (e.g., ACH, Credit, Check, Wire Transfer, Cash, or Other).
  3. Here, provide your custom payment instructions.
  4. Click Save to update your payment instructions.

Your clients will be presented with your customized payment instructions when they select an enabled payment method.

Logging Received Payments

Upon receiving an external payment, you’ll need to log it in the system to update the invoice status to ‘Paid’. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the relevant invoice and navigate to the Payments section.
  2. Click on Receive Payment, fill out the required information, and click on Create.

At this point, you can choose between two options:

  • Cash Receipt: Records the received cash payment. This encompasses all forms of cash payments, including checks and wire transfers.
  • Charge: Covers Credit Card & ACH transactions.

Paying Multiple Invoices

You can apply payments to multiple invoices for a single customer. To do this:

  1. Access the customer’s profile and click on the ‘+’ icon at the top right corner.
  2. Choose Receive Payment, select the payment type, and enter the amount to apply.
  3. Select the outstanding invoices for that customer.

Handling Overpayments

Blixo takes care of correct payment amounts for electronic transactions. However, for payments like checks or wire transfers made outside of Blixo, there’s a possibility of overpayments. Here’s how to handle such scenarios:

If a customer overpays, you have two options:

  1. Credit the excess amount to the customer’s balance for future invoices.
  2. Issue a refund for the overpaid amount.

When you log a payment and there’s a surplus after applying it to the outstanding invoices, Blixo will prompt you to either credit or refund the overpayment. If you choose to refund, Blixo will record a refund, but the actual transfer of funds back to the customer is your responsibility, given that the original payment did not process through Blixo.