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Payment Plans

Payment Plans

What are payment plans? Payment plans are financing arrangements that allow your customers to make payments on an outstanding balance over time. Payment plans can be up in Blixo and are designed to help businesses with their cash flow. The plans typically involve setting up a payment schedule and making regular payments.

How to Create Payment Plans

To create a payment plan you must first create an invoice on which the payment plan is based. Go to invoice on the Blixo sidebar and click on invoices.

Follow the steps in the About

Once you created the invoice you will need to go to the “More” drop-down menu and chose “Add Payment Plan”

Set up the payment plan how you like.

If you click on “Calculate”. You can get a breakdown of when and how much each payment is. And make sure you click on “Submit”

Then if you go back to the Blixo sidebar and click on “Payment Plan: you will be able to see the payment plans you have created.

Within this view, you can filter the invoices you are looking for, and you can see invoices depending on which state they are in: needs Approval, Active, Past Due, Paid, All