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Subscriptions, Subscription Management, Recurring Billing & Recurring Invoices

Accurate billing and lots of payment options get you paid faster and lets clients pay how they like. Recurring invoices, Automated Payment Reminders, and Online Payments make it easy.

What are subscriptions, recurring billing, and recurring invoices? Subscriptions, recurring billing, and recurring invoices are all features of accounts receivable (AR) and order to cash (O2C) software that allow businesses to automate their billing process. With these features, businesses can set up recurring payments for customers and automatically generate invoices on a regular basis. This can save businesses a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to manually process invoices and payments. Blixo can automate billing and invoicing, as well as provide reports and analytics to help businesses track their subscription revenue. Subscription management software like Blixo helps businesses keep track of their recurring revenue streams, managing customer billing information, subscription terms, and payments.

How to use Blixo’s Subscription Management System

Start with clicking on “Subscriptions” on the Blixo sidebar and you will get to this view

Here you can filter through the different customer’s subscriptions using the following dropdown menu options:

  • Status
  • Contract Period
  • Customer
  • Plan
  • Sort By

Also from this page you can add a new subscription by clicking on the “Add Subscription” button. or “Create new one” link at the bottom

If you click either you will get the following window :

Here you can choose which customer (list is from your previous entered Customers) and then either choose a subscription plan from the “Plan” drop down menu or create a new plan by clicking on “+Add a new Plan”

Once you click Add a new plan you will get this window below with these options:

  • Name (subscription name 0
  • Pricing Mode (how you want to price items)
  • Amount (how much is the selling price)
  • Item (name of the item)
  • Billing Interval (how often to bill customer)

And you can click on “view all items” which will take you to a new page with all the items you are selling, or you can click “Add a new Item” If you click on “Add a new item” you will get these options to create a new item, which will be added into your items

  • Name
  • Id
  • Type
  • Description
  • Set a default price
  • Amount
  • Discounts
  • Taxes

Make sure you submit and save each window.

Once you are back to the New Subscription window you will see a button for “Add on” If you click this you will get this window

Here you can choose a item to add on or create a new add on.by clicking “Add a new Add-on”

Which will give you the exact same corresponding windows as “Add a new Item”, please see above.

One you have completed Add-ons you will see the next section of New Subscription

In this section you can choose when to start billing, what day of the month will the recurring invoice be sent out, and the option to pause or continue billing.

And finally the last section of New Subscription

Here you can determine the terms of the contract in length of time, What to do once the contract ends And the costumes shipping address,

Remember to click on save.

In the main Subscription window you will see a list if all the subscriptions, their terms and setting and their status,

From this list if you click on the customer’s name you will get a page with all the customer’s subscription information.

By clicking on “Edit” you can change what you need in terms of the subscriptions, Or you can click “More” for a dropdown menu to: Pause the subscription, To view the URL as your client, To make changes to the contract or to Cancel the subscription.