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Xero Integration

Blixo’s integration with Xero accounting system enhances your billing capabilities right from the get-go. This guide provides detailed steps on setting up and operating this integration.

Attention: If you wish to connect Xero to your account, please contact Blixo Customer Support. Note that this feature is available only for paid plans.


Our Xero integration comes equipped with:

  • Two-way sync with Xero
  • Hourly updates for new data from Xero
  • Real-time posting of Blixo transactions to Xero

Data Syncing

Blixo Sync to Blixo Sync to Xero Xero
Customer Contact
Contact Contact Person
Invoice Invoice
Credit Note Credit Note
Payment Batch Payment
Foreign Currency Payment Payment
Convenience Fee Invoice

Setting up Xero

Reach out to Blixo Customer Support to activate this integration for your account. Remember, this feature is only accessible on our paid plans.


Once Xero integration is enabled, data will automatically sync based on your activated data flows.

Blixo-to-Xero data writing happens instantly.

Xero-to-Blixo data reading, such as fetching a new invoice, occurs hourly. Visit the Accounting Sync page to see the last sync time. For an immediate sync, click Sync Now.

After setting up the integration, new transactions will continuously sync with Blixo. Note, pre-integration data isn’t synced. Contact us if you need help with importing legacy data.