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NetSuite Integration

Imagine Blixo having a conversation with NetSuite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. That’s what the Blixo-NetSuite integration does, allowing Blixo to read data from NetSuite and to write data into NetSuite, making your accounting easier and more efficient.

Attention: If you want to connect NetSuite to your account contact Blixo Customer Support and we’ll do it for you. This feature is only available on paid plans.

What Can It Do?

The integration allows Blixo to learn from NetSuite, pulling in customers, invoices, credit notes, and payments every 15 minutes. Payments made in Blixo are sent over to NetSuite instantly.

Setting It Up

You’ll need two things to start this conversation: your NetSuite Account ID and an OAuth Access Token. With these in hand, you’re ready to roll.

Once you have this information contact Blixo Customer Support to set everything up for you.

Day-to-Day Use

Once set up, Blixo will automatically fetch new data from NetSuite every 15 minutes. If you’re keen to get the latest updates, hit the Sync Now button on the Blixo Integration page for an immediate sync.

Payments created in Blixo speed off to NetSuite instantly, keeping everything up to date.

A small catch: The integration only brings in new data from the point of installation. If you need older data, check out the Importing Data section for steps on importing past transactions.

Need help setting it up? Blixo Customer Support is always there to lend a hand!