Get Paid Now

Get Paid Now

Your Customers Pay Later

Blixo Enables Your Customers to Pay Over Time, While You Enjoy Immediate Payment on Every Sale.

No more pausing, no more payment delays. Just your products moving smoothly from your warehouse to your customers, while your payment sits comfortably in your account.

Ready for a seamless wholesale experience? Begin with Blixo and say goodbye to payment waits.

Selling Made Simple

Selling Made Simple

You get your payment right away, your customers pay over time, and Blixo handles all the details. A stress-free solution that works quietly in the background.

  • Immediate Payments, Always

    Immediate Payments, Always

    With Blixo, your products keep moving, and your payments keep flowing, ensuring your business runs like clockwork.

    Interested? See Blixo in Action and explore a world where payments don’t pause.

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  • Flexible Financing for Your Customers

    Flexible Financing for Your Customers

    Offer your customers the ease of buying now and paying later, while you enjoy the certainty of immediate payments.

    Learn More about creating a customer-friendly payment experience with Blixo.

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Discover smart, automated AR management

But wait, there’s more. Blixo isn’t just about instant payments. Our intelligent AR automation, featuring Cash Application AI and Dispute Management AI, ensures your finances stay neat, tidy, and exactly where they should be.

Intrigued about smart AR management? Explore Further and bring unrivaled accuracy to your accounts.
Discover smart, automated AR management

Easy to Integrate, Easier to Use

Blixo slips quietly into your business, ensuring your payments and AR management are always on point.

Discover how Blixo simply clicks into place.

Easy to Integrate, Easier to Use

Blixo: A Silent Partner in Thriving Wholesale Businesses

Trusted, reliable, and ensuring you’re paid on time, every time.

Step into a space where wholesale and smart financing blend seamlessly.

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