Build Now, Get Paid Now

Build Now, Get Paid Now

Let Your Customers Pay Later

With Blixo, Offer Your Customers Flexible Payment Plans, While We Ensure You Get Paid Upfront Every Time.

Your construction projects shouldn’t be paused while waiting for payments. And your relationships with customers should be about the build, not the bills. With Blixo, we pay you so you don't have to worry.

Let’s make delayed payments and chasing invoices a thing of the past. Start Now and stop stressing about getting paid. We let you focus on your construction business.

A Friendly Bridge for Your Finances

A Friendly Bridge for Your Finances

Blixo steps in to pay you right away for your projects, while your customers enjoy the freedom to pay over time. No risk to you, no waiting for payment.

  • Get Paid, No Delays

    Get Paid, No Delays

    Deliver your projects with the assurance of immediate payment. Blixo has your back, so your finances are never a hurdle in your construction plans.

    Ready to build without budget worries?

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  • Flexible Financing for Your Clients

    Flexible Financing for Your Clients

    Let your customers choose their payment plan, all while you enjoy upfront, immediate payment for every project. Blixo handles the rest.

    Explore a worry-free way to offer flexible payment options.

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Addressing Client Concerns

But that’s not all. Blixo brings the future of Accounts Receivable Automation to your business. Our Cash Application AI and Collections AI work tirelessly so your books are always in order, without the manual grind.

Curious about our smart AR solutions? Schedule a Demo and discover the simplicity of automated receivables.
Addressing Client Concerns

Simple to Integrate, Simple to Operate

Blixo slots into your business effortlessly, bringing immediate payments and smart AR automation without the complexity.

See how seamlessly Blixo fits into your construction business

Simple to Integrate, Simple to Operate

Blixo: A Trusted Partner in Construction

Adopted by construction businesses for reliable, risk-free customer financing and smart, automated AR management.

Become part of a community where construction and smart financing coexist beautifully

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